You`re looking for some dust, rust, dead objects and buildings, decayed art and such? Well that`s what you will be seeing around here. This blog was born from my thirst of such things, as a personal collection if you will. Most of the photos featured on this blog are taken from various sources and I do not claim ownership on them. If you are a photographer and I posted one of your photos without your permission, just use the contact form and instruct me to either delete your photo or give you credit for it. 
But I do claim ownership for those that are watermarked with "thehiat.blogspot.com", which were made by me and friends, and also for those that are posted under the label "HIAT", which were sent to me directly by the owners.
If you want your photographs to appear on this blog, e-mail me, and if I feel they are worthy of being here, they will.
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