Deserted Hospitals

When you think of a hospital you usually get two feelings. The first one is that you wish to go there as rare as possible, and the other thing is you imagine that hospitals are clean and tidy, like they should be. Now this is not always true, sadly, because in some cases the hospitals are insanitary (mostly in third world countries), as a hip-hop band said about Romania "Others have cleaner streets than we have hospitals" - rough translation. 
But this post, like this whole blog, is not about badly administered things, but about places that are not administered at all. So here are some photos of derelict hospitals .. look at the bright side, there are no doctors in these!

Asama Japan Volcano Museum

What`s this odd looking building you ask? Well it`s a museum, in Japan, near a volcano! And it`s abandoned, but the light are still on ..
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