Restaurant in decay

Once used as a landmark for locals, situated 100 meters from the entrance to the city, the restaurant is now left abandoned, used as a home for hobos and rats, and as a public toilet.

Abandoned apartment building is getting life

After lying abandoned for the past 20 years or so, in the last 2 years it started to be occupied and as I can see it still continues to do so. Companies, a restaurant, and even homes were built here. We hope it will be totally inhabited and restored in the following years, as it's located in an area where abandoned and derelict buildings shouldn't exist.

Abandoned Youth's House

Not sure if I translated that correctly. This is a building in my city, started by the communists and abandoned since then (1989). The building has a pretty dark history, considering the junkies and hobos that used to roam around there, or the suicides that took place here. Word is that they want to finish it and use it for something cultural, but that word was spread about 5 years ago and until today nothing happened.

 Author: A dude I know

Abandoned Mill in Italy

This mill from Sorrento, Italy was abandoned in 1866. That's all I know because that's all everyone seems to know about it.

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