Abandoned commercial building - Photoshop Mode

This is the same explore as in the previous post, with different angles and just a bit of Photoshop manipulation.
Hope you enjoy.

Also, this is the last post of 2011. 

Happy Holidays and see you in 2012!

Abandoned commercial building

It's been over a month since I made these photos, but haven't gotten around to finishing the processing for the blog.
It is a commercial building in Bucharest, abandoned for a year or so. Sadly, we couldn't get inside as everything is barricaded like a zombie outpost.

Restaurant in decay

Once used as a landmark for locals, situated 100 meters from the entrance to the city, the restaurant is now left abandoned, used as a home for hobos and rats, and as a public toilet.

Abandoned apartment building is getting life

After lying abandoned for the past 20 years or so, in the last 2 years it started to be occupied and as I can see it still continues to do so. Companies, a restaurant, and even homes were built here. We hope it will be totally inhabited and restored in the following years, as it's located in an area where abandoned and derelict buildings shouldn't exist.

Abandoned Youth's House

Not sure if I translated that correctly. This is a building in my city, started by the communists and abandoned since then (1989). The building has a pretty dark history, considering the junkies and hobos that used to roam around there, or the suicides that took place here. Word is that they want to finish it and use it for something cultural, but that word was spread about 5 years ago and until today nothing happened.

 Author: A dude I know

Abandoned Mill in Italy

This mill from Sorrento, Italy was abandoned in 1866. That's all I know because that's all everyone seems to know about it.

Communist industrial ruins

This is actually part II of The industrial leftovers of communism in Romania post. These are the photos that were made by the other blogger who joined me, Alex. His photos are more artistic and have a much better quality because he has more experience in this kind of photography .. and also a Canon.

Chernobyl Exhibition

Someone sent me a message on twitter asking me to mention his site on my blog, it was an automated message but it sounded interesting, so I visited his site and I think it deserves to be mentioned. I got the approval to post his photos here, so here they are. 
His photoshop modifications are weird and dark, just the way I like them.

All Images © Darren Nisbett 

Prypiat 1970

Post Industrial socialist relics - 30 photos

I found another pretty blog about industrial ruins of Romania which is now abandoned like most of the places on it, so probably the owner won't mind if I share his photos here. Abandoned like most blogs of this type, sadly, urbex is a hobby which doesn't help you live and doesn't feed you, so the funny thought that blogs about abandonment are eventually being abandoned themselves, is not funny anymore. Just think, what would you do without H.I.A.T.? Exactly! But it would be funny if I were to abandon H.I.A.T. because "Hey, I abandoned that" would get a lot more sense wouldn't it?
Now for the serious business, I've selected more than I initially thought I could get from that blog, much more.
But you know I don't like jabbering a lot so here are the photos. More to come.

Probably a water tank used for boiling

Bodie, California - A remaining American ghost town

Yet another abandoned settlement, this time in America, the land of ghost towns, the kind that you see in cowboy movies, and you can not meet anywhere else in the world. It was founded in 1876. It began as a small mining settlement, which attracted thousands of people after the discovery of nearby mines. In less than 4 years, Bodie became a town with almost 10.000 inhabitants, town’s main street was lined by 65 saloons. The town even had a Chinatown, with several hundred Chinese residents. Dwindling resources destroyed it however, and although greatly affected Bodie held a permanent residency through most of the 20th century – even with the fire that ravaged much of the downtown business district, in 1932. In 1961 Bodie was designated a National Historic Landmark, becoming a State Historic Park the next year after all the residents had moved on. Today, only a small part of the town survives, but visitor can still see how daily life happened there, and have a feeling of the old wild west.

Politics at it`s finest in Varosha, Famagusta

Varosha (Greek: Βαρώσια; Turkish: Maraş) is a quarter in the Cypriot city of Famagusta. Prior to the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974, it was the modern tourist area of Famagusta. Its inhabitants fled during the 1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus, and has remained abandoned ever since.


In the 1970s, Famagusta was the number one tourist destination in Cyprus. To cater to the increasing number of tourists, many new high-rise buildings and hotels were constructed. During its heyday the Varosha quarter of Famagusta was not only the number one tourist destination in Cyprus, but between 1970 and 1974 it was one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and was a favourite destination of wealthy, rich and famous stars such as Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Raquel Welch and Brigitte Bardot.

Read the story of a family that was forced to leave home forever. rhinocarhire.com

The industrial leftovers of communism in Romania

I thought I`d do something refreshing for this easter season, so I convinced a local blogger to go and explore the Chemical Plant in Giurgiu, Romania. This is Platform 1, soon I hope we will go visit Platform 2 of the Chemical Plant. It`s been a while since I`ve walked these paths, and the first time I actually had a trip especially for the blog, my first actual exploring if I may. It was quite fun, with all the "Collapse Danger" signs and biohazard areas, excellent way to spend a sunny day. I have to thank Alex again, for taking me on a lovely tour, I learned some things I didn`t know, a well documented guy he is. And this is his blog about Giurgiu.
Here is the first batch of photos, taken by me on a Samsung GT-S3350, a decent phone to take pics with, but it certainly doesn`t create art, and as a glitch that it has, some of the pics are very poor quality (made some of them at 320x240 without asking me).

Chemical Plant Platform 1 - Giurgiu, Romania

Decay of the shoe!

I was just going back home after a short shopping spree when I discovered two buildings in the backyard of a local fast food type restaurant. I don`t know what they used to be and I didn`t go in, but if you leave a comment asking me to go in and maybe even find out what these buildings used to be, I`ll do it, you just need to ask.

Modern Ruins - Collection #3 (40 photos)

Modern ruins are pretty awesome aren't they? Things people leave behind .. incredible. This is yet another part of this collection, gathered from the same cool forum as the previous posts. So here is Part 3 of the Modern Ruins Collection. What I love about this post is that I included some graffiti art too, because I do love fine art. Enjoy!

Mt. Loretto Catholic Orphanage for Girls, Staten Island, NY

Panorama decay!

Behold, the panorama decay! Never has it crossed my mind to search for abandoned places in 360 view. But then I found this awesome site with 6 pages of panorama view places that are really worth exploring. Yes, exploring! The perfect way to explore all these fabulous derelict places from the comfort of our home (I know you lazy!). I will post my personal favorites in this post, hope you like them as much as I do.
Visit the site for >>> More

ruin of textile factory "Berger" in Lichtenstein, saxony, germany in Germany

Modern Ruins - Collection #2 (40 photos)

Yet another collection of the Modern Ruins series, "stolen" from the same cool forum topic, which also has a link below. It`s the same image flood size, meaning 40 photos. Besides, I thought I`d even add some captions this time, for a better insight on the photos, you`re welcome.
Update: I've been permanently banned from the forum, for "advertising" or something, so I downloaded all the photos and re-uploaded them.
Carcoke Zeebrugge boiler- surprised face

Modern Ruins - Collection #1 (40 photos)

A collection of photos I found on a forum (sauce below). And because there are too many of them I`m gonna make a series, based on the best photos on that forum. The collections includes every type of urbex photo (at least I think so), satisfying all your exquisite tastes. It generally includes everything this blog is about.

Industrial Decay Network

Industrial Decay Network

Old abandoned cars in decay

Rust? Yes, thank you! These cars were once the pride of the company that made them and the people that owned them. Then they were replaced by new cars, and thus forgotten. It will be weird for me to grow old and see that the best cars out there now, will be also forgotten in decay, left to rust later. As a live example of my statement, stand the sports cars in the post (we`ve got an abandoned Ferrari, abandoned Porsche, abandoned Jaguar, abandoned Corvette, and an abandoned Mustang). I`ll begin with an old car, but one that I would totally restore and use, because it`s still a cool car, the Mustang. Yes, a decaying Mustang, sad ain`t it? To be honest, I would restore many of these cars, I love the classics, but money is an issue nowadays.
If you need info on one of the cars feel free to leave a comment.

Black & White doctor`s clinic ruin

You go to the doctor and think "I`m getting fixed", and you do get fixed most of the times. But not in this particular clinic you don`t. It`s a pretty creepy place I found while randomly surfing the innets (as I always do in my spare time) that deserves a place on HIAT. I can only try to imagine the feeling that the explorers who walked into the rooms of this derelict building had. The weird feeling that you get watching these photos comes from the darkest part of our subconsciousness .. and from horror films, because it`s not only an abandoned building, it`s an abandoned doctor`s clinic, where they would use tools to cut you up and such. Well now that I have created an image into your minds, enjoy the photos!

Abandoned trains and railroads

Thanks to some unknown and strange reason, for the last few weeks I have been dreaming about trains and train stations, almost everyday. It wouldn`t bother me for my subconscious to do so, but not so often, and not without me knowing why. Maybe it`s because I relive a trauma, maybe it`s because I haven`t traveled by train for the last 2 years, or maybe my brain is just saying "Dude post some more on HIAT, you kinda ignored it lately". Well, that`s about fair, I got caught up with other projects lately and have abandoned (ironic ain`t it?) the blog. But here I am to post some photos of trains and railways, derelict trains and railways that is. Maybe this is what my brain needs to stop making me dream all them weird stuff. So, without further ado, here are some random photos I found in google, especially for you rust loving freaks.

Deserted Hospitals

When you think of a hospital you usually get two feelings. The first one is that you wish to go there as rare as possible, and the other thing is you imagine that hospitals are clean and tidy, like they should be. Now this is not always true, sadly, because in some cases the hospitals are insanitary (mostly in third world countries), as a hip-hop band said about Romania "Others have cleaner streets than we have hospitals" - rough translation. 
But this post, like this whole blog, is not about badly administered things, but about places that are not administered at all. So here are some photos of derelict hospitals .. look at the bright side, there are no doctors in these!

Asama Japan Volcano Museum

What`s this odd looking building you ask? Well it`s a museum, in Japan, near a volcano! And it`s abandoned, but the light are still on ..
If you want to read more about it, go to author`s site: michaeljohngrist.com

Wall able abandonment - Collection of 15 free wallpapers of the forgotten

Suddenly I realized people love wallpapers, especially me. So I made a collection of 15 desktop wallpapers relevant to this blog, that I personally love. Sizes go from 1024x768 to 3269x2128, pretty decent I`d say.

H.I.A.T Wallpaper

Someone made this thing for the blog, it`s kinda nice, don`t know exactly what it means but I suppose it would be an urbex explorer that definitely tries to explore the unexplorable. So, if there are any H.I.A.T fans out there, you can use this as a wallpaper.
Also this guy has some photoshop skills, if you need them ask for his contact by sending us an e-mail.

Zombie Playgrounds

While randomly surfing on the innets, looking for anything that catches the eye, I came across a nice MMO, with zombies! So that's when I realized that zombies love abandoned places, it`s their home actually. And who is building homes for zombies? We are, of course!
Now moving on and leaving the jokes about the undead behind, you really should see, I mean really see, what we leave behind, while trying to get a new life, a new environment, the old environment becomes history and we let nature do everything.
But beware, after leaving these places, there is no coming back. Remember, there`s zombies living there now! Oh, and graffiti artists wondering about, but they`re the good guys.

Krampnitz /\
by James C Farmer

Last Train

(c) Goshmar

Abandoned Car Factory, Moscow

Unlivable environment is alive

I just received received two photos from someone who cares about Giurgiu. It pictures an environment that was originally meant for families, by the ex communist leader. Well what happened is he died and these two buildings were never quite finished. But that was no problem for the homeless, so they moved in. Some of them are living here for over 2 decades. And I have to say, they sure love TV!

The decay of winter

Just a fine piece of photography I found randomly surfing the net. It`s really expressive, so I thought it deserves to be the first photo on my blog in 2011.

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