Post Industrial socialist relics - 30 photos

I found another pretty blog about industrial ruins of Romania which is now abandoned like most of the places on it, so probably the owner won't mind if I share his photos here. Abandoned like most blogs of this type, sadly, urbex is a hobby which doesn't help you live and doesn't feed you, so the funny thought that blogs about abandonment are eventually being abandoned themselves, is not funny anymore. Just think, what would you do without H.I.A.T.? Exactly! But it would be funny if I were to abandon H.I.A.T. because "Hey, I abandoned that" would get a lot more sense wouldn't it?
Now for the serious business, I've selected more than I initially thought I could get from that blog, much more.
But you know I don't like jabbering a lot so here are the photos. More to come.

Probably a water tank used for boiling

Industrial facility
Chair anyone?

Factory offices
Another liquid holding boiler tank

Sun upon us

Just a remaining facade

Industrial water fountain

Purification plant - Glina

Purification plant - Glina

Purification plant - Glina

Industrial decay

"Long live" ..

CO2 MAN truck

Rusty monster
Inside factory

Partly (hardly) working factory

Cold showers!

Mr. Communist leader picture in the factory

Sleep tight

Power station

Power station

Power station

Hydrotechnic thingy

Fallen structure. This is how the Apocalypse would look like, right?


  1. alte Geschichten, alte Erinnerungen

  2. not abandoned, just left in suspended animation; now it's running again :)
    really glad you liked the pictures.


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