Kharkov Armoured Repair Factory

This is the somewhat abandoned Krarkov tank repair plant, that used to repair around 60 units and 55 engines monthly, before the collapse of the Soviet Union. Krarkov (or Khrarkiv) in Ukraine, hosted one of the best tank units factories in the 1930's. This plant was designed for repairs, and now it's not very active anymore, but still going, although it looks like it's perfectly abandoned. Now it just looks like a very neat scrap yard, full of abandoned tanks and military equipment. The fact that the plant doesn't have any more work to do, means the tanks are not being used, therefore no wars are active, which is a good thing. That doesn't make it less sad that these tanks are left there abandoned. Wasted money.

Abandoned plant in Russia

This abandoned factory in Russia, makes a perfect scenery for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. based movies or games. The location is very eerie, and if you played S.T.A.L.K.E.R. or if you watched the movie Stalker 1979 you will see why this place fits like a shoe.
Also, the explorer that took these photos had quite an adventure. He had to run away from guard dogs and climb the buildings to get away, but he successfully managed to capture the best out of this place. I recommend visiting his blog, at the end of this post.

The Nikulinskaya Mine

The Nikulinskaya mine is the largest mine in the Moscow mine field. It was abandoned in the early 2000's and today it's just another abandoned mine. The entrance to the mine is flooded so nobody can get in. Any other parts of the site, like the office buildings for example, have been scavenged, and even things that had a minor value were stolen. Also, grass has now started to grow indoor.

The abandoned depot

This depot, in Bucharest, was used for hosting trams and buses, until 1965, when the main tram route was canceled.

Author: Reptilianul

Huge machine abandoned in Russia

According to the author of the photographs, this is the Morozov coal mine, but I wasn't able to find more about it, maybe the translation is not good. Mining here dates from 1962 but recently stopped due to power outages and power companies failing to pay debts. All the excavated earth was carried through pipelines, and gradually created this huge quarry.
The excavator in the first picture is one of the hugest things you ever seen. Sadly, now, it's just another pile of rusted metal, but a glorious pile of rusted metal because of it's impressive size. It looks like a monster crane, compared to the other machines abandoned in the same area. It could make someone rich just by selling it as scrap metal (don't get any ideas government people).

Creepy graffiti in Prypiat

Prypiat, the fascinating abandoned city we all know by now, is not only being visited by tourists and urban explorers. Graffiti artists roamed it's streets numerous times, trying to convey the impact that the disaster had on this city, once inhabited by families with happy children with no worries, which had their lives turned upside-down when the disaster occurred. The artists show us the fear and sadness they, and the kids that had to leave home forever, felt.

Abandoned monuments in Yugoslavia

These monuments were built by several sculptors and architects in the 60s and 70s to commemorate sites where WWII battles took place or where concentration camps stood. In the 80s they were a major tourist attraction, but after the Republic dissolved they became just a pile of forgotten monuments. The structures once represented strength, but now they are slowly decaying and fading. Despite the fact that they were neglected lately, you can still feel what the artists tried to expose.

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