Wall able abandonment - Collection of 15 free wallpapers of the forgotten

Suddenly I realized people love wallpapers, especially me. So I made a collection of 15 desktop wallpapers relevant to this blog, that I personally love. Sizes go from 1024x768 to 3269x2128, pretty decent I`d say.

H.I.A.T Wallpaper

Someone made this thing for the blog, it`s kinda nice, don`t know exactly what it means but I suppose it would be an urbex explorer that definitely tries to explore the unexplorable. So, if there are any H.I.A.T fans out there, you can use this as a wallpaper.
Also this guy has some photoshop skills, if you need them ask for his contact by sending us an e-mail.

Zombie Playgrounds

While randomly surfing on the innets, looking for anything that catches the eye, I came across a nice MMO, with zombies! So that's when I realized that zombies love abandoned places, it`s their home actually. And who is building homes for zombies? We are, of course!
Now moving on and leaving the jokes about the undead behind, you really should see, I mean really see, what we leave behind, while trying to get a new life, a new environment, the old environment becomes history and we let nature do everything.
But beware, after leaving these places, there is no coming back. Remember, there`s zombies living there now! Oh, and graffiti artists wondering about, but they`re the good guys.

Krampnitz /\
by James C Farmer

Last Train

(c) Goshmar

Abandoned Car Factory, Moscow

Unlivable environment is alive

I just received received two photos from someone who cares about Giurgiu. It pictures an environment that was originally meant for families, by the ex communist leader. Well what happened is he died and these two buildings were never quite finished. But that was no problem for the homeless, so they moved in. Some of them are living here for over 2 decades. And I have to say, they sure love TV!

The decay of winter

Just a fine piece of photography I found randomly surfing the net. It`s really expressive, so I thought it deserves to be the first photo on my blog in 2011.

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