Hashima Island, Japan`s Abandoned City

Did you think that only europeans and americans (as presented in previous posts) have nice abandoned areas? If so, you are so wrong. Asia also holds a nice abandoned area, with more than 3 decades of decay. I do not know much about this city, but I know it had 5,259 inhabitants, it was made for coal mining workers in the 1930`s by the Mitsubishi Company, it was once the most crowded city in the world, and then it got abandoned in 1974. Now the only life it has are small animals and some visitors. I personally like this city because it`s not only abandoned, it`s surrounded by water too, which makes it kind of like a fortress. The fact that it is an abandoned city on an abandoned island, makes it even creepier than Prypiat (try disagreeing with that please), the perfect ghost town, but the fact that it`s located all the way in Asia, makes it almost impossible for me to ever visit it.  
For more info about the city visit The story of Hashima island.



  1. Some of the pictures here are from Kowloon Walled City in Hong Kong ... it was razed, but not abandoned (residents were forced out by the government). The 2nd and 4th pictures down from the top are of Kowloon.

  2. Ah, you are right mister Anonymous. Sorry for the mistake, the buildings just looked alike and I found them in the same source so I didn`t pay more attention to them. Thanks for the sharp eye.

  3. Where are the zombies??

    1. They ate each other until only 1 remained. He died of starvation.


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