Kharkov Armoured Repair Factory

This is the somewhat abandoned Krarkov tank repair plant, that used to repair around 60 units and 55 engines monthly, before the collapse of the Soviet Union. Krarkov (or Khrarkiv) in Ukraine, hosted one of the best tank units factories in the 1930's. This plant was designed for repairs, and now it's not very active anymore, but still going, although it looks like it's perfectly abandoned. Now it just looks like a very neat scrap yard, full of abandoned tanks and military equipment. The fact that the plant doesn't have any more work to do, means the tanks are not being used, therefore no wars are active, which is a good thing. That doesn't make it less sad that these tanks are left there abandoned. Wasted money.

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  1. Hi people!! I just found your blog and I think it's awesome!! I am planning a trip to Ukraine, and Kharkiv is on my wish list. And of course this factory would be on my list! Can you still get in there? Is this legal? Where is it? Thank you very much, greetings from Mexico :)


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