Detroit City Winter Special

Can`t say I don`t feel the season, I do. But because I don`t want to fill the blog with candles, lights, reindeer and such like so many do in this season, I will do something else, which is presenting you a winter version of decay from .. Detroit, our favorite abandoned living city.

Abandoned Smallpox Hospital, Roosevelt Island, New York

This institution was opened in 1856 to care for New York City's unfortunate and destitute. The island sits between Queens and Manhattan, and was easily accessible by ferry; it was home to a prison, insane asylum, and other similar facilities. As of 1872, an annual number of 7,000 patients were treated, with an average of 450 deaths. Was abandoned in the 50s.

Creepy Abandoned Amusement Parks

It`s one thing to see abandoned common buildings where people used to live or industrial sites where people used to work, and another thing to see wastelands where families used to go relax and have fun, where kids used to play and enjoy. Now these places look like zombielands! Look at the bright side, tickets are free ..


Urban Photography

Any person sees the world from his own point of view, sometimes this fact is a benefit for human kind. As an example, these gorgeous photos that artists created from their own point of view. And sometimes reality just can`t create beauty so we have to manipulate it, that`s how these photos were transformed into art.

Look through you

Opel Olympia by holger droste

Abandoned Horror In Russia

I have no idea what this weird building setup was and what was it`s purpose, but I can tell it has something to do with water or sea world, so it was probably a sea world soviet theme park. Nevertheless, it`s abandoned and creepy, deserving it`s place here.

Kadykchan - Another Communist Leftover City

This is another example of the transition from communism to .. whatever rules us today. Cities like this one fascinate me because they are the past future of my home town. My hometown is Giurgiu, I will be making a post with it`s decay soon, and Giurgiu, as well as Kadykchan have something in common, they were both built by communism for industrial purposes, and they both lost that industry after the fall of communism. What is left is kinda scary, what scares me even more is that my hometown could one day look exactly as this one.

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