Kadykchan - Another Communist Leftover City

This is another example of the transition from communism to .. whatever rules us today. Cities like this one fascinate me because they are the past future of my home town. My hometown is Giurgiu, I will be making a post with it`s decay soon, and Giurgiu, as well as Kadykchan have something in common, they were both built by communism for industrial purposes, and they both lost that industry after the fall of communism. What is left is kinda scary, what scares me even more is that my hometown could one day look exactly as this one.

Kadykchan (Russian: Кадыкчан) is an urban-type settlement in Susumansky District of Magadan Oblast, Russia, located in the basin of the Ayan-Yuryakh River, 65 kilometers (40 mi) north-west of Susuman. Its economy was based on coal-mining but it declined after the end of the Soviet Union. Population: 875 (2002 Census); 5,794 (1989 Census). As of 2008, there were less than 300 inhabitants left.
Kadykchan (in Evenki language it means a small gorge, ravine) was built by the hands of GULAG's prisoners during the WWII. Later it accommodated miners of a few local coal mines which supplied Arkagalinskaya electric power station. The depth of mines was about 400 meters what at some point along with the dropped demand for coal after the breakdown of the USSR made the mining pointless. Moreover, there was an explosion at the mine when 6 people were killed in 1996 so, they decided to close the mines altogether. According to the state data the town's population dropped from 10 270 (1986) to 287 (2007).

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