Abandoned airplane in Russia

Russia seems to host the largest amount of abandoned things, from factories, mines or apartment blocks, to cars or planes. Same is the case with this beauty, an Antonov An-8 plane, which was lost in Russia, few kilometers north of Saint Petersburg.
It's a beautiful model and it's decaying. I'm sure that being in a forest is not helping it decay less.

Source: Artificial Owl


  1. I love these. Just think about the story behind why this plane! How did it get there?! Amazing.

  2. ^ People amaze me. Not sure what this means "Just think about the story behind why this plane!". Sorry it makes no sense. How did it get there you ask? Well they did not build it there so common sense says that it flew there.

    1. The question is WHY did it get there. It was probably a forced landing.

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