Assan's Mill in 2012

In the previous post, I presented Assan's Mill to you. The photos from that post, taken by Reptilianul were taken in 2009. The photos in this post are made in june 2012, right after the latest fire. As I mentioned in the previous post, Assan's Mill is a frequent destination for urban explorers, graffiti artists, hobos ... and arsonists. 
The mill was set on fire (by nature or people?) several times before, and the latest fire lasted for 28 hours before firemen could put it out, on june 7th, 2012. The last fire before that was on the night of may 13th 2008 and required the work of 80 firemen. The good thing is that there were never any victims due to these fires.

Source and photo credits: Reptilianul

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