The unfinished nuclear plant

The "Crimean Atomic Energy Station" (Ukrainian КримськаАЕС, Russian КрымскаяАЭС) is a nuclear power plant that was never completed, situated in the Republic of Crimea, Ukraine. It was intended to create energy for the whole area, but construction was terminated earlier than planned.
Construction works on the nuclear plant were started back in 1976, when Crimea was part of the Soviet Union. The construction progress was very slow, lasting for more than 10 years. Shortly after the Chernobyl disaster, there was an inspection at the plant, which resulted in it being closed down, even before it got a chance to server it's purpose.
This is how a new nuclear power plant was left behind, with equipment and everything. Some parts of the equipment and nuclear reactors were reused, however, at other nuclear plants in Ukraine.
The nuclear power station building is also featured in the Guiness  book of records as the most expensive reactor construction in history. The city of Shchelkino, that was created to host the workers, lost half of it's inhabitants when construction on the plant stopped.

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