Abandoned stadiums

Being that I'm not into football and other such sports that involve balls and stadiums, these places were never significant to me. For me, a stadium, mainly a soccer or football stadium, is that place where people dressed in shorts and T-shirts, run around in circles with the purpose of touching a ball. That is not my kind of fun. But recently, I found some pictures on SkyscraperCity that really caught my attention. I'm of course talking about a collection of abandonments, abandoned stadium to be more exact, just like the title suggests.
The following stadiums have nobody to run around in circles for the purpose of touching a ball anymore. They are ghostly and dusty. Weird how some things need to be abandoned in order for me to like them.

Bush Stadium, Indianapolis

Cathkin Park, Glasgow

Compadre Stadium, Arizona

Dynamo Moscow

Dębiec Stadium in Poznań, Poland

Miami Marine Stadium

Stadio Filadelfia, Torino

Stadium in the ghost town of Pripyat

The Prypiat Stadium is probably the most abandoned stadium of them all, considering it has huge full grown populus/poplar trees that grew right on the play field, the stadium, just like the city, being abandoned for over 25 years.


  1. These photos are incredible. I can (and often do) spend hours in here looking at your photos.

  2. Awesome..really thinkin of a trip to russia now-thx a lot^^


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