Panorama decay!

Behold, the panorama decay! Never has it crossed my mind to search for abandoned places in 360 view. But then I found this awesome site with 6 pages of panorama view places that are really worth exploring. Yes, exploring! The perfect way to explore all these fabulous derelict places from the comfort of our home (I know you lazy!). I will post my personal favorites in this post, hope you like them as much as I do.
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ruin of textile factory "Berger" in Lichtenstein, saxony, germany in Germany

Modern Ruins - Collection #2 (40 photos)

Yet another collection of the Modern Ruins series, "stolen" from the same cool forum topic, which also has a link below. It`s the same image flood size, meaning 40 photos. Besides, I thought I`d even add some captions this time, for a better insight on the photos, you`re welcome.
Update: I've been permanently banned from the forum, for "advertising" or something, so I downloaded all the photos and re-uploaded them.
Carcoke Zeebrugge boiler- surprised face

Modern Ruins - Collection #1 (40 photos)

A collection of photos I found on a forum (sauce below). And because there are too many of them I`m gonna make a series, based on the best photos on that forum. The collections includes every type of urbex photo (at least I think so), satisfying all your exquisite tastes. It generally includes everything this blog is about.

Industrial Decay Network

Industrial Decay Network

Old abandoned cars in decay

Rust? Yes, thank you! These cars were once the pride of the company that made them and the people that owned them. Then they were replaced by new cars, and thus forgotten. It will be weird for me to grow old and see that the best cars out there now, will be also forgotten in decay, left to rust later. As a live example of my statement, stand the sports cars in the post (we`ve got an abandoned Ferrari, abandoned Porsche, abandoned Jaguar, abandoned Corvette, and an abandoned Mustang). I`ll begin with an old car, but one that I would totally restore and use, because it`s still a cool car, the Mustang. Yes, a decaying Mustang, sad ain`t it? To be honest, I would restore many of these cars, I love the classics, but money is an issue nowadays.
If you need info on one of the cars feel free to leave a comment.

Black & White doctor`s clinic ruin

You go to the doctor and think "I`m getting fixed", and you do get fixed most of the times. But not in this particular clinic you don`t. It`s a pretty creepy place I found while randomly surfing the innets (as I always do in my spare time) that deserves a place on HIAT. I can only try to imagine the feeling that the explorers who walked into the rooms of this derelict building had. The weird feeling that you get watching these photos comes from the darkest part of our subconsciousness .. and from horror films, because it`s not only an abandoned building, it`s an abandoned doctor`s clinic, where they would use tools to cut you up and such. Well now that I have created an image into your minds, enjoy the photos!

Abandoned trains and railroads

Thanks to some unknown and strange reason, for the last few weeks I have been dreaming about trains and train stations, almost everyday. It wouldn`t bother me for my subconscious to do so, but not so often, and not without me knowing why. Maybe it`s because I relive a trauma, maybe it`s because I haven`t traveled by train for the last 2 years, or maybe my brain is just saying "Dude post some more on HIAT, you kinda ignored it lately". Well, that`s about fair, I got caught up with other projects lately and have abandoned (ironic ain`t it?) the blog. But here I am to post some photos of trains and railways, derelict trains and railways that is. Maybe this is what my brain needs to stop making me dream all them weird stuff. So, without further ado, here are some random photos I found in google, especially for you rust loving freaks.

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