Creepy Abandoned Amusement Parks

It`s one thing to see abandoned common buildings where people used to live or industrial sites where people used to work, and another thing to see wastelands where families used to go relax and have fun, where kids used to play and enjoy. Now these places look like zombielands! Look at the bright side, tickets are free ..


Chippewa Lake
 Dinosaur Park Michigan

Enchanted Forest
Gulliver Yamanashi
Liberty Land
Miracle Strip

Mr Blobby’s House

Nara Dreamland

Okpo Land

Sea-A-Rama Marineworld

Spreepark Planterwald

Walt Disney World Waterslide


  1. in like 100 years people are going to find lagoon and think its going to win as the creepiest abandoned amusement park think about it there's a giant spider, the bat and a 80 ft tall hill on the wicked

  2. Awesome images here, just love the decay plus corny promotion of the theme parks.
    Gourmet Hampers Australia

  3. Superb Pics!!! But what happens all are looking old. All are fantastic but Gulliver Yamanashi is mind blowing.

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