The Pyramid - Soviet mining city on Svalbard, Norway 



Simply Detroit


Pripyat: Jupiter Factory


The mist-wreathed apartments of Matsuo mine 
by Michael John Grist


How could I forget?? I don`t know but I did .. Yes, I`m not making any sense, yet. I was randomly surfing my youtube favorites when I found a lost jewel, a video of my city Giurgiu, Romania. It captures about all the desolated industrial areas in the city and surroundings. If I get permission from the owners of the photos, I will post them on the Local page soon. When I will do that I will tell you more about the pictures, right now I`ll just say that the thing that caused all this is "leadership/crime" and I said too much.

Update: I just showed the video to my father and he told me that since these photos were made, most of these buildings have been bulldozed by the city hall, to get the iron. This actually makes me pretty sad, even though I did get to explore most of them in the past, I never got to transform them into my own art. It`s sad.


Sometimes photography can`t express enough, not for everyone anyway. So for you video hungry people I created the video section. I will start with the History Channel`s documentary: Life After People, Series.

Season 1 - Trailer

The whole thing:

Now it`s National Geographic`s turn to shine
 World Without Humans

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