Shipwrecks of the world

Haven't posted shipwrecks until now, for the main reason that people are pretty aware of their existence. They always fascinated me though, what's better than a huge steel machinery, left to rust and disintegrate at the hands of nature? 
Also fascinating is the fact that many shipwrecks even redefined history, cultures and media (the Titanic for example).
Being that I live in a port city, which once based it's industry on the Danube, growing up I've seen a lot of shipwrecks, some of which were in a state of decay, similar to some of the photos in this post. They were not left there due to an accident, like a rock or iceberg collision, but simply because they became "useless" once the industry went downhill, and they were just left there to rust. Most of them were sold at some point, as scrap metal, and there aren't many left these days.

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