Panorama decay!

Behold, the panorama decay! Never has it crossed my mind to search for abandoned places in 360 view. But then I found this awesome site with 6 pages of panorama view places that are really worth exploring. Yes, exploring! The perfect way to explore all these fabulous derelict places from the comfort of our home (I know you lazy!). I will post my personal favorites in this post, hope you like them as much as I do.
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ruin of textile factory "Berger" in Lichtenstein, saxony, germany in Germany

Abandoned mining town on Beshtau in Russia

Abandoned mining town on Beshtau - hall in Russia

Abandoned poultry in Pyatigorsk in Pyatigorsk

+ Teliakovo. (2009) in Russia

Yur'evets. Abandoned Children's camp (2009) in Russia

Abandoned construction 2 (Zelenograd) (2009) in Russia

Graffiti in the abandoned pavilion of the exhibition of achievements of national economy. September, 2009. Barnaul, Russia. in Barnaul

Main square. Pripyat in Chernobyl (Pripyat)

Abandoned house in manor Ostashevo. Interior (2009) in Russia

Inside abandoned house (Tihonova pustyn) in Kaluga Oblast

Inside abandoned school (floor 1). Library. (Marino) (2009) in Kaluga Oblast

Inside abandoned school (floor 2). Сhemistry. (Marino) (2009) in Kaluga Oblast


  1. Dammit its fucking amazing! still putting it on!!!!!!

  2. it'd be great if you compiled lists of abandoned buildings or areas by geography!

  3. This is such a cool feature !!! thumbs up!

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