Modern Ruins - Collection #2 (40 photos)

Yet another collection of the Modern Ruins series, "stolen" from the same cool forum topic, which also has a link below. It`s the same image flood size, meaning 40 photos. Besides, I thought I`d even add some captions this time, for a better insight on the photos, you`re welcome.
Update: I've been permanently banned from the forum, for "advertising" or something, so I downloaded all the photos and re-uploaded them.
Carcoke Zeebrugge boiler- surprised face
Amekichi room graffiti, Japan
Soda machine, Amekichi
Toy bus
Building in Amekichi
Niji graffiti, Japan
Harumi creepy bridge distance, Japan
Alcoa Aluminum Factory building, inside
Alcoa Aluminum Factory building, outside
Beigun green house kudsu, Japan
Heiwa outside creepy, Japan
Keishin treatment chair, Japan
Hashima Island buildings
Hashima Island
Prison doorway
Keishin building outside
Keishin building top floor view
Broken windows
Gasu tree out window
Creepy hallway?
Power plant gauges
Ibaraki oil burner, Japan
Romanian house
Heavy metal!
Romanian building
Stewart's Folly, Logan`s Round House
Stewart's Folly, Logan`s Round House
Industrial waste holding tanks
Amusement park water slides, Japan
Kudan abandoned toy
Water slide
Newkomagari pink ruin interior, Japan
Creepy entrance to somewhere
Iceland house
Gatineau, Quebec
Pissed bathroom, get it? ... oh nvm
Alice Castle checkered floor. Lonely chair is lonely
Amusement park vs. nature, Chipawa Lake
Nature seems to be winning (Chipawa Lake)
Thierry Buysse factory graffiti, Belgium

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