The industrial leftovers of communism in Romania

I thought I`d do something refreshing for this easter season, so I convinced a local blogger to go and explore the Chemical Plant in Giurgiu, Romania. This is Platform 1, soon I hope we will go visit Platform 2 of the Chemical Plant. It`s been a while since I`ve walked these paths, and the first time I actually had a trip especially for the blog, my first actual exploring if I may. It was quite fun, with all the "Collapse Danger" signs and biohazard areas, excellent way to spend a sunny day. I have to thank Alex again, for taking me on a lovely tour, I learned some things I didn`t know, a well documented guy he is. And this is his blog about Giurgiu.
Here is the first batch of photos, taken by me on a Samsung GT-S3350, a decent phone to take pics with, but it certainly doesn`t create art, and as a glitch that it has, some of the pics are very poor quality (made some of them at 320x240 without asking me).

Chemical Plant Platform 1 - Giurgiu, Romania

Decay of the shoe!

I was just going back home after a short shopping spree when I discovered two buildings in the backyard of a local fast food type restaurant. I don`t know what they used to be and I didn`t go in, but if you leave a comment asking me to go in and maybe even find out what these buildings used to be, I`ll do it, you just need to ask.

Modern Ruins - Collection #3 (40 photos)

Modern ruins are pretty awesome aren't they? Things people leave behind .. incredible. This is yet another part of this collection, gathered from the same cool forum as the previous posts. So here is Part 3 of the Modern Ruins Collection. What I love about this post is that I included some graffiti art too, because I do love fine art. Enjoy!

Mt. Loretto Catholic Orphanage for Girls, Staten Island, NY
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