Modern Ruins - Collection #1 (40 photos)

A collection of photos I found on a forum (sauce below). And because there are too many of them I`m gonna make a series, based on the best photos on that forum. The collections includes every type of urbex photo (at least I think so), satisfying all your exquisite tastes. It generally includes everything this blog is about.


Belgium Coal Sorting
Floor cave in, Asylum NY
Nagasaki overgrown, dorms
Nagasaki overgrown
Train workshop Queensland
Marin Headlands CA, WWII truth deity
Australian underground twisted look out drain
The Creepy Abandoned House
Thierry Buysse service station
Thierry Buysse service station 2
Thierry Buysse service station 3
Bakersfield machine shop
Thierry Buysse arch window winding stairs factory, Belgium
Thierry Buysse sanatorium stairs, Belgium
Thierry Buysse stairs, Belgium
Thierry Buysse red top castle spiral stairs
Thierry Buysse industrial arched roofs odd spiral stairs outside
Thierry Buysse spiral staircase
Thierry Buysse spiral staircase collapsed
Carrie Blast Furnaces  interior, Pittsburgh
Methodist church, Gary, Indiana
Bethlehem Steel PA
The bridge to nowhere
Japan Ashio foggy mine
Beneath Hashima, Japan
Coaster Japan
Shime Coal Mine

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  1. Photo Source: zOOmz :-)posted in LotusTalk.
    My collection that you copied.


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