Huge machine abandoned in Russia

According to the author of the photographs, this is the Morozov coal mine, but I wasn't able to find more about it, maybe the translation is not good. Mining here dates from 1962 but recently stopped due to power outages and power companies failing to pay debts. All the excavated earth was carried through pipelines, and gradually created this huge quarry.
The excavator in the first picture is one of the hugest things you ever seen. Sadly, now, it's just another pile of rusted metal, but a glorious pile of rusted metal because of it's impressive size. It looks like a monster crane, compared to the other machines abandoned in the same area. It could make someone rich just by selling it as scrap metal (don't get any ideas government people).

More photos and info (in russian!) here


  1. Well, it's not like they got an use for it anymore. And it's kind of expensive moving big stuff. Hell, russia still got radioactive hto boxes standing around in parts of russia just releasing radiation

  2. Soviets sure loved abandoning stuff.

  3. That's some huge rust pile right there!


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