The textures of decay

These textures are some of my favorites, gathered from Michael Chase's work. His posts are one of the reasons that make me visit Tumblr almost daily.
Michael Chase is a photographer that tries to expose the beauty behind decay, especially decayed surfaces. He says on his blog that:
The idea of impermanence is a central theme in my work. I use color, texture, and composition to highlight the subject of decay. The main objective of my work is to draw attention to the passing of time and immediacy of separation. I also want to show the viewer that beauty can be found in unlikely places.
Indeed, his work is awesome and I think he is doing exactly what he's trying to do, showing that beauty exists in unlikely places.
So here are some of my favorites. He has a lot of metal textures and wall textures, which I approve of. Visit his blog for more, way more.

Photography by: Michael Chase
Source: Area of Interest


  1. Very interesting, awesome and lovely photos.

  2. Thanks, got a load of new textures to use with photoshop work ^.^


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