Zombie Playgrounds

While randomly surfing on the innets, looking for anything that catches the eye, I came across a nice MMO, with zombies! So that's when I realized that zombies love abandoned places, it`s their home actually. And who is building homes for zombies? We are, of course!
Now moving on and leaving the jokes about the undead behind, you really should see, I mean really see, what we leave behind, while trying to get a new life, a new environment, the old environment becomes history and we let nature do everything.
But beware, after leaving these places, there is no coming back. Remember, there`s zombies living there now! Oh, and graffiti artists wondering about, but they`re the good guys.

Krampnitz /\
by James C Farmer
Rust in Peace /\
by thespook

Urban Decay: Nature Juxtaposed with Industry /\
by Irit
Urban Decay2 /\
by grigjr

Urban Decay — Sofas and Chair /\
by byonder 
Urban Decay 11 — Courtyard /\
by grigjr
Urban Decay — Red Chair /\
by secdoover
UrbanDecay /\
by entengruetze
Urban Decay — English Academy /\
by ghostrider-in-ze-sky
Urban Decay: Rusted Factory /\
by JoeCollver
Urban Decay – 14: Warehouse /\
by scotto

Urban Decay in Tacoma /\
by anthonyh2006
Decay VIII /\
by Benjinoman
Queens Urban Decay 207a /\
by chaserpaul
Urban Decay 008: Peeling Paint /\
by MarcoFiorentini
Old Colonial Mansion Opposite the National Museum /\
by remittance_girl
Urbex Self Portrait /\
by James Loesch
MF /\
by Static_P
West Park – Still Life 2 /\
by Romanywg
Abandoned Asylum /\
by andre.govia
Lier Mental Hospital – Old Wheel Chair /\
by Anders V. Tøftemo
West Park Reflections too /\
by Romanywg
Green: Peeling Pain /\
by James C Farmer
Please Close the Doors After Leaving /\
by James C Farmer
Beelitz: #1 /\
by James C Farmer
Beelitz: #2 /\
by James C Farmer 
Way Out /\
by James C Farmer 
Concrete Stairwell /\
by Chris Leithead
Bowling Alley /\
by keiththrn
Abandoned Building /\
by Isaac E
Denbigh Abandoned Asylum /\
by andre.goby
Urban Decay 8 /\
by ghostrider-in-ze-sky
Abandoned Building in Pripyat’ / Chernobyl /\
by Danny–Boy
NYC Ghetto: Bushwick Brooklyn /\
by izakokomari890
Abandoned Warehouse 5: Gatke Building, Warsaw, IN /\
by freschje
Urban Winter: Saarbrücken, Bürgerpark /\
by Wolfgang Staudt

And if you`re looking for something to play, here`s the MMO I was talking about. It`s called Dead Frontier and it has flesh eating zombies!
Link HERE or just click the pic.

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