Bucharest Decay

We could not forget about our lovely country, Romania. And how could we? We`re surrounded by decay porn material here. The fall of communism and the new government together created a nice strong structure of industrial and urban decay, places that were productive, but then got new owners and most of them are not what they used to be, as you will see in the photos below. 
I`ll give it a start with the capital, Bucharest, and all it`s beauty. 


  1. Hi , can you tell me where are the buildings in the last 2 photos located in bucharest ? , thanks

    1. I think it's just one building and sadly I don't know where it's located. The photos were a part of my decay album and I don't remember where I found them on the internet. I would also like to find out where that building is.

  2. its the old wolff factory, now owned by Hesper. Its located on the West side of Carol Parc


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