Changes are upon us!

We finally have a domain! Happy happy joy joy!

Seeing the number of visits that keep growing and growing, I decided to finally take the next step and get a domain. 
Unfortunately "hiat" seems to be a widely used term and all relevant domains are already used so I didn't have many name options to choose from, and still keep the reference to Hiat.
So, we are now a .org site, that will continuously inform people about the places that have been forgotten. A sort of derelict Wikipedia, hehe.

Please rate the posts again with +1's and Reactions, as they were deleted when the blog switched to the domain.

Also, many other changes are being planned.
Changes would include:
- Host changing
- Site redesign
- More informative articles
- Maybe a forum
- Photo submission
- Photo contests with prizes!
(Please suggest more or comment on these below.)

Don't forget to add the new link to your bookmarks!

1 comment:

  1. Glad to hear that! Seems it's getting better and better!


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