Forgotten trains in Romania

Romania, the wonder land, holds a pretty good amount of abandoned and forgotten trains, mainly cargo and passenger cars. It's not even a surprise, considering the amount of abandoned factories and buildings. 
Although the number of abandoned trains is considerable, I wasn't able to find many photo sources, so, for now, I'm gonna present to you the ones that I did find, mainly on train enthusiast forums. It's a collection I gathered, holding 39 photos of decaying metal. In the future I hope to visit some of these carriages myself, the ones that were not transformed into scrap metal. Yes, the majority of trains in this article are now scrap metal.

Weird contrast, isn't it?



Bucuresti - photo source
A home for the homeless

Campulung Moldovenesc

Mestecanis Station

Pojorata Station
This looks like somewhere in America, but it's not.

Valea Oltului

Other Locations

Photo sources:

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