Shime coal mine

Along with Prypiat, this location, meaning this tower in particular, is one of the most famous abandoned places on the internet. 
While Prypiat is fascinating the internet through the fact that it's a medium sized city, it's soviet and it's abandoned, Shime coal mine got it's fame through it's unique structure. It's one of those famous internet memes everyone know about. The internet made it a meme because they say it's the perfect zombie fortress, and I don't challenge that idea. It looks pretty zombie safe.

The tower is so well known on the internet, that if you search for "zombie fortress" on Google, this tower is about the only thing you will see in there.

This is the tower of the former Shime coal mine near Fukuoka city in Japan. It's considered unusual even for a country full of abandoned places. While most of the abandonments in Japan are recent, this building has been abandoned for almost half a century, the middle of World War II. Was built between 1941 and 1943 to help increase the yield of the coal mine, and it still stands today, because for some reason the Allies didn't bomb it. The mine and the tower operated until 1964 when it was closed for good.


  1. The moss growing up the side makes it look kind of ancient, in a very cool way.

  2. soem amazing shots u got there, rust and moss from thousand years of desollation.. this shall be our legacy :D.. xD


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